Introduction to espresso

In this hands on work shop you will learn the techniques in how to pull good espresso shots and different concepts that are going to be a good complements for the drinks you prepare. – Introduction to coffee culture – Continue reading

Barista introductory

2 full days of interactive training with lots of fun, while acquiring great knowledge – Basics of coffee culture – Concepts for beverages preparation – Basics of beverages preparation – Alternative methods – Espresso basics and its derivates – Cappuccino Continue reading

Barista general training

Learn from the beginning. Give yourself the opportunity to take this 4 full days training and acquire all the knowledge you need to become a coffee connoisseur and a reliable and well trained barista. Completely interactive theoretical and hands on. Continue reading

Cupping introductory workshop

To become a professional in cupping, takes long time and practicing. This interactive workshop will teach you the techniques in how to develop your sensorial perception to find those special features hidden in a cup of coffee. – Basics of Continue reading